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Are You Ready to Fall in Love with Numbers?

MathBait™ is on a mission to transform how students see, learn, and interact with mathematics. Through storytelling, adventure, games, and relatable analogies, we are innovating math education to provide an exciting learning experience. 

Our program lowers the entry barrier by introducing concepts in relatable real-world terms that helps students not only increase comprehension, but also see the relevance of mathematics and how they can apply these concepts to the world around them. We focus on a conceptual understanding, ensuring students are gaining the skills they need to be competitive in tomorrow's world. 

Are you ready to help your students not only excel in mathematics but have a blast along the way?

A student in front of a chalkboard with math smiling

A STORY . . .

Once upon a time, three little pigs set off to build their homes. They each went to different people in the village to help them. The first pig spoke to the Behavioralists. They were the oldest in town, founded in 1913, so they certainly must be the wisest. They taught the little pig how to build his house by showing him how to do it, over and over again. When the little pig asked to try something new, they discouraged him, "do what we show you and you will be rewarded" they said. He was able to build his house successfully! He was happy. 

The second pig went to the Thinkers. They were well known, but he had to pay to even speak to them. They did not show the pig how to build his house, instead they encouraged him to think and to problem-solve. There were some hiccups, but eventually the little pig figured it out and built his home. It was small, he had spent so much on just learning how to do it, but it was sturdy.  

The final pig went to the Constructivists. Like The Karate Kid, they had the pig do the strangest things. He forgot he was even learning to build a house! When they were finished, the little pig was amazed. He built himself a house, but he didn't much care about that anymore. Instead, the pig was fascinated with why we even need shelters, how can we create shelters in a new way that will be better for all the farm animals?

A clay pig contemplating a better way to learn

A large storm came through and demolished the town - including all three little pigs' homes. The first little pig couldn't remember at all how to rebuild, he had learned so long ago. He knew he had memorized the steps, but what were they again? Hopefully that YouTube video is still up . . . he just had to find it . . . The second little pig remembered everything, unfortunately, he had paid so much for the knowledge, he had little left to even begin to rebuild. The final little pig went to work building. The town looked on in awe - it was like nothing they had ever seen before. When he finished the town went crazy. "That's not a house!" they screamed. "You're right," the third little pig replied, "I have made us wings. We love to be outside in the warm sun, we love to roll in the mud to cool ourselves off, we are not meant to be stuffed into a house. Now, like the birds, we can fly to warmer places. We don't need houses. We can enjoy living outside all year long." With that, the pig flew away, with a smile as big as the crescent moon.     


Did you know that using storytelling to learn has amazing benefits?

  • Great at presenting complex concepts in graspable ways

  • Makes students feel happy (increases Oxytocin)

  • Lowers math stress and anxiety (decreases Cortisol)

  • Lowers cognitive dissonance by helping students to make sense of what they know

  • Provides more equity in learning by removing common barriers to entry

  • Creates an engaging learning environment that fosters growth

  • Changes the focus from memorizing to understanding

  • . . . and so much more! 

A middle school girl reading Marco the Great and the History of Numberville smiling
Children learing with joy




we never


Marco the Great and the History of Numberville

It All Starts With A Story

We've replaced (boring) textbooks with an exciting series of adventure novels. Students are pulled into the journey, the characters, and emotional elements, making them eager to turn the page. 

Our books are jam-packed with math content through imaginative and relatable analogies making learning math more accessible than ever! Concepts are presented in fun and imaginative ways, leaning on cognitive science and how students learn best. Tough topics are a breeze through relatable analogies that naturally just make sense.

Let's Play

Computer dispalying MathBait digital content

Our digital platform provides readers with an entire universe to explore! Students embark on voyages, collect items, earn XP, and gain a spot on the leaderboard. 

Readers jump directly into the story as they master their skills alongside Marco. However, The

Kryptografima is much more than just a school, there are hidden secrets within the walls and information to discover about the secret society that Marco has unwittingly become a part of. 

Teacher preparing student for a test

What makes MathBait™ different?

Unlike other programs, MathBait™ uses learning science to prepare students for a lifetime of success. We don't use gimmicks to simply make learning "look fun" but rather introduce to students to the amazing world of Numbers from a new perspective. 

Our stories, games, and activities show students how much numbers influence the world around us, and build confidence as students learn the numbers are theirs to control. We never focus on memorization, and instead build a deep understanding to make meaningful connections. 

We live in a technological world. The majority of programs still focus on today's (if not yesterday's) skills. At MathBait™ we help students become the problem-solvers and leaders of tomorrow. 

Are you ready to start your adventure?

Marco the Great and the History of Numberville cover
Marco the Great and the Mystery of Phaseville
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