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The ability for all students to access our amazing content is important to us! This means MathBait materials are low to no cost. This also means we run entirely based on your support. 

If you can, please consider making a donation today!

We appreciate your interest and look forward to working with you. 

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Donating has never been so rewarding! Our Swag Shop offers tons of great math gear. Even better - we have priced everything near wholesale value! This means with every purchase not only are you getting an incredible deal, you are supporting a worthy cause. Win-win. 

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Have an extra dollar to spare? We are gracious for any and all support from our tribe! Every penny allows us to continue to create high-quality and engaging content for low to cost. Your support helps develop the next generation of thinkers and usher in a better tomorrow. 

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Are you an educator, administrator, edtech executive, or interested in using our content with your students? Become a partner! We offer a site license with unprecedented access and materials, Professional Development for your teachers helping them to engage every student and bring back the joy of learning, and access to world-class educators to lead classrooms and engage students in small group or individual tutoring sessions helping them to soar. 

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We've partnered with Spring (formerly tee-spring)  to bring you some amazing swag at an outstanding price! From understated, clean looks, to math jokes and facts, to Kryptografima pride, you can gain some great gear while supporting a great cause. Every item is priced near wholesale value. This means with each purchase you are donating on average $3-$4 to MathBait while snagging cool gear at an incredibly low price!

Please note, the products below are hosted on the Spring website and the Shop Icon will take you directly to their site. While shopping with Spring helps support MathBait, any information or transactions occurs directly with Spring and not with MathBait.  


We're in Love 😍

We received the first shipment and love the quality!

Snag some great gear today! It's the perfect gift for friends and family - or if you are anything like us... yourself!

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Every dollar helps us to continue to provide outstanding educational content at low to no cost. Help us to grow and thrive by making a donation today. 


Do you love our content and want to add some or all of it to an online course? Are your classrooms in need of a pick-me-up that will have every student excited to learn? Interested in leveling up your teachers through quality Professional Development that will help them to become engaging facilitators? Dying to enroll your child in an official MathBait course or considering setting up a MathBait class at your institution? We have so much to offer and we can't wait to work with you and your team!

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