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Dive in and become a part of the story!

The Kryptografima is an exciting online platform that makes learning come alive. If Marco the Great is the "textbook", The Kryptografima is the practice problems, activities, assessments, and so much more. 

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Click Me!
You will be so happy you did. The Kryptografima offers a 6 month subscription of amazing unlimited content for only $8!

Enrollment in The Kryptografima includes

Access to 8+ unique areas

Over 65 unique missions focused on key mathematical concepts

Over 100 interactive games with unlimited play

Debriefs with immediate feedback and detailed solutions

A fun platform that rewards understanding through XP, items, and badges

Mission Information packets which use a storytelling approach to amp up engagement and understanding of tricky concepts

Parent account with in-depth reports on student progress and access to Teacher Guides for each area

Unique areas such as the Dorms and The Student Commons filled with interactive puzzles, digital games, and tools for student success

MathBait presents Disco Lights
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MathBait presents Saviors
MathBait presents The Club
MathBait presents Decoys
MathBait presents Order Up
MathBait presents Buzz
MathBait presents Super Sleuth
MathBait presents the Genetics Lab
MathBait presents Garden Groove
MathBait presents Monster Dialects
MathBait presents Mask Marketplace
MathBait presents Building Blocks

Your Mission

MathBait presents Kryptografima Grounds
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You've infiltrated the training campus of a secret organization called The SAN. Your goal is to gain initiation into the society and join their ranks.

Be on the lookout for clues. There are secrets hidden everywhere.

Completing tasks earns their trust and allows you to advance in the rankings. Demonstrating your skills can earn you a credential.  

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Why MathBait?

Our program is created by world-class educators. In fact, the programs our team has designed are still being offered at top institutions for over $1000 a child!

We set out to create a high-quality program that was fun, engaging, based on cognitive science and the way humans learn, and available to everyone. 

With The Kryptografima, your student can develop a deep understanding of mathematics, build problem-solving skills that are applicable in every career path, and catch up or soar ahead all while having a blast for an incredibly low price. 

So Much to Learn

Our flagship program covers key PreAlgebra skills. These are just a few of the topics your student will master!

  • Prime Numbers

  • Integer Operations

  • Number Sets

  • Factorization

  • Algebraic Notation

  • Using Variables

  • Substitution

  • Algebraic Manipulation

  • Simplification

  • Evaluating Functions

  • Understanding Fractions

  • Rational Operations

  • Ratios & Rates


  • Solving Equations

Development is underway for year two. Our next installment focuses on relations, functions, and graphing and interpreting linear, quadratic, and polynomial functions.

So Much Access

With our updated parent account, you can easily track how your student is progressing and watch as they develop problem-solving skills and persevere through tough challenges. 

Ready to start your adventure?

Grab your copy and jump into the pages with a mathematical learning experience like never before!

Marco the Great and the History of Numberville cover
Marco the Great and the Mystery of Phaseville

Feel Safe knowing
MathBait™ takes your and your child's privacy seriously.

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