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Designed by award-winning educators, The Kryptografima will change the way your children view and interact with mathematics. It is an excellent choice for advanced learners, the "math kids" that enjoy numbers, challenges, and new perspectives. It is an essential choice for students who see themselves as "not a math kid" as the approach to mathematical concepts takes students on a journey through memorable stories, interesting analogies, and turns math into a fun experience they will want to do again and again. 

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Textbooks are boring. They describe rules, give examples, and then ask students to copy the demonstrated steps again, and again. Textbooks are also a horrible way to learn. Students spend their time memorizing (these facts fly away on summer vacation before you even have time to board the plane) and completing problems that in the real world are assigned to calculators and computers. 

Stories are fun. Stories allow us to transport into a whole new world of adventure and intrigue. Concepts are introduced in memorable ways that make sense and require no memorization of facts and tables.

Beware! Marco the Great  isn't like any novel you've encountered before. This isn't a textbook with a backstory. Marco's tale is a true adventure that just so happens to require math. Students will be excited to turn the pages and see what comes next. They will want to master the skills and spells as Marco does to keep up. 

How Does This Work?

It's as easy as 1-2-3!


Order your copy of Marco the Great. While it's on the way, create your parent and student account. An administrative fee of $8 gets you 26 weeks of access to over 60 missions, over 100 games, and unlimited play, questions, and detailed feedback. While we recommend the physical book, parents may alternatively choose to include a Library Card, granting students access to our digital book. 


((((Read. Play.)²)²)²)²

As students read Marco the Great they will come across information about The Kryptografima. This lets them know what mission and area they need to explore. Students can hop on for unlimited play and practice. With thousands of unique questions, the options are limitless. 


Sit back and watch as your children develop a new interest, love, and mastery of mathematics! Students move at their own pace and have access to the entire world of content. They embark on exciting quests, engage in fun games, and create their own adventures. 

Is the digital content required?

Marco the Great and the History of Numberville is an engaging stand-alone story that covers a large array of skills from 3rd to 8th grade! Students all over the world are having a blast and learning math from its pages. 

What is the Digital Content?

Are you ready for a whole new world?! The Kryptografima allows readers to jump directly into Marco's world. With 8 areas to explore (and more being added), each containing entertaining explanations, colorful graphics, and of course digital games, students embark on missions, collect items, unlock new areas, complete debriefs to demonstrate their mastery and complete epic final quests that transport them into Numberville.

As students complete skills in The Kryptografima they earn beautifully designed digital badges, experience points, and a printable certificate to demonstrate their accomplishments. 

But The Kryptografima is so much more! Students are transported into a secret organization. They can read the All Saints Tribune - make sure to check out the comics! - or, take a quiz to find their Tribe and determine what Numberfolk they are most like. They can play mental aerobic games to warm up their brain in their Dorm Room, or make a timeline and plan out their goals. Maybe they'd like to be a captain of The Vinculum Games and try to create a black hole? There is an entire world of content waiting for them to explore. 

Who knew math could be so fun? (We did!)

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What is Covered?

Notebook with math expressions

Marco's adventure begins with the study of Prealgebra. The first book in the series tackles the "slant" topics of:

  • Order of Operations

  • Factors and Multiples

  • Prime and Composite

  • Integer Operations

  • Rational Operations (Fractions)

  • Variables and Expressions

  • Like Terms

  • Substitution

  • Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

  • Solving One-Step Equations with Addition and Multiplication

  • Solving Multi-Step Equations

  • Solving Inequalities 

The online content dives even deeper and includes additional topics! For more on standards alignment, visit our article Navigating the Kryptografima

Feel Safe knowing
MathBait™ takes your and your child's privacy seriously.

Ready to start your adventure?

Grab your copy and jump into the pages with a mathematical learning experience like never before!

Marco the Great and the History of Numberville cover
Marco the Great and the Mystery of Phaseville
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