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You won't want to put this down!

Ditch boring textbooks and say hello to a fantastical journey through math. Storytelling brings numbers to life – helping students better understand even the trickiest of concepts AND enjoy the process. Learn algebra the fun way!


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All preorders include a special decoding bookmark to help readers uncover a hidden secret!

Product Information

~384 pages

300+ practice problems 

Extend learning with 100+ games on our digital platform 

Topics cover Algebra 1 and Algebra 2

A magical adventure that doesn't feel like boring school!

Ages 10 - 99

What's Covered?

The Mystery of Phaseville is an incredible adventure. It isn't a textbook – but readers will learn more than a full year's worth of mathematics as they struggle to put down this gripping tale. Filled with relatable characters, mysteries, and dangers, the mathematical content is presented through often laugh-out-loud analogies, imaginative descriptions, and gamified activities, making middle and high school topics more accessible and understandable than ever! 


Great for all students! From advanced learners who are seeking challenging yet approachable higher-level content, to students who don't see themselves as "math kids" and need a new perspective that gives numbers a whole new light, Phaseville has it all. Don't miss out on this innovative, original, and creative take on education!

The second novel in the Marco the Great series makes math interesting with incredible characters, a fantastical plot, and a perspective of algebra like none other.

All the lovable characters are back in this fast-paced sequel your students are sure to enjoy! Marco's life takes an unexpected turn when he inherits a puzzle box that promises to reveal his destiny. As he secretly works to uncover its contents, a mysterious Pattern emerges, putting Mr. Pikake and the SAN on edge. Dedicated to preparing his students for the dangers that lie ahead, Mr. Pikake unveils how to command the Numberfolk

into formations on the coordinate plane, including how to harness their power to create the ultimate laser - a Death Star. A captivating tale of grief, perspective, secrets, and struggles, Phaseville will keep you guessing while mastering the spells of algebra and graphing. Will Marco unlock the box in time? Or, will the Pattern overpower them all? Find out in Marco the Great and the Mystery of Phaseville!

Acclaim for The History of Numberville

"Surprisingly entertaining. I'm not a math kid, but [the story] brings the subject to life! It is like fantasy for math."

Bestselling Author

The Mystery of Phaseville is a gripping tale. Right when one mystery is solved, new information creeps in leaving readers on their toes. In this excerpt, the author reads a passage from chapter 11. It highlights the use of storytelling and analogies to help introduce new (and often tricky) concepts. The students are gaining their first look at polynomials - rather than a stuffy definition, we can more intuitively understand how polynomials are expressed by imagining ourselves in a fantastical ice cream shop! As we understand the concepts behind the math, doing the math and extending our understanding to new concepts becomes much easier. 

Listen to a Sample

Join the author as she reads a selected passage from Marco the Great and the Mystery of Phaseville. 

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Marco the Great is much more than a series of novels. Jump directly into the pages, perfect your skills, and forge your own journey with The Kryptografima

Our online experience allows students to level-up their learning as they embark on quests, complete missions, collect items, earn XP, and snag beautiful badges for their accomplishments. 

With over 100 digital games, bring math to life in this revolutionary program!

Ready to start your adventure?

Grab your copy and jump into the pages with a mathematical learning experience like never before!

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*Our online Algebra I-II experience is currently in development and set to roll out soon. We recommend enrolling early to explore our Prealgebra curriculum and build prerequisite skills. 

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