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Marco the Great and the Mystery of Phaseville
Marco the Great and the History of Numberville

A Revolutionary way to learn math

Let us tell you a story. Why? Stories stick. They captivate and transport us, they allow us to see ourselves in the characters, and make complex and abstract ideas easier to understand. At MathBait™ we use storytelling as a catalyst into the amazing world of mathematics and we'd love for you to join us on this incredible ride. 

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Our Program

It all starts with a story. Replacing the traditional textbook with an adventure novel, students learn through outrageous tales, intrigue, mysteries, analogies, and puzzles, making complex topics approachable, engaging, and easier to understand.  

Throw out those outdated worksheets and allow your students to jump into the pages of the book and forge their our journey. In our online program, The Kryptografima, students embark on missions, collect items, earn XP, and increase their rank in a fully gamified, rigorous, and conceptually forward approach to mathematics. 

Spiderman once said, "You know what's cooler than magic? Math!". But what about a fantastical mix of both? Our physical and digital content takes students on a magical adventure that encourages play and exploration, helping students to enjoy learning and feel comfortable taking risks. They discover mathematical concepts rather than memorizing procedures and rules. 

Our content is designed for middle and high school students, but that hasn't stopped younger advanced learners around the world from diving into Marco the Great! Excellent as a core curriculum, supplement, or enrichment material, MathBait™ is making a global impact from helping students catch up to providing fun and thought-provoking content for the profoundly gifted.  

Part 1

Marco the Great and the History of Numberville

Master Prealgebra with our debut novel. Marco didn't think much of math, but when he learns numbers are much more than markings on a page, that they exist, have families, personalities, and agendas, he is thrust into an eat or be eaten dilemma. To make matters worse, a secret society looms in the shadows determined to end the numbers' control and anyone who gets in their way. Join Marco as he learns to harness his powers to control the numbers, before it's too late.  

Part 2

Marco the Great and the Mystery of Phaseville

All your favorite characters are back, along with a few new faces, for an exciting adventure through Algebra. Marco's life takes an unexpected turn when he inherits a puzzle box that promises to reveal his destiny. Dedicated to preparing his students for the dangers that lie ahead, Mr. Pikake unveils how to command the numbers into formations on the coordinate plane. Join Marco in this captivating tale that will keep you guessing, while mastering the spells of algebra and graphing.  

Part 3

Coming 2025

The final installment in our first series takes readers through a thrilling tale as Marco faces his ultimate trial: Geometry. Filled with outrageously fun characters, laugh out loud moments, and an adventure you won't want to miss, the conclusion of Marco the Great will have students completing college-level geometry with ease. An approachable introduction to logic and proof along with everything you expect from this award-winning series will have you loving to learn both Euclidean and non-Euclidean approaches to shapes. 

Available 2025
"Surprisingly entertaining. I'm not a math kid, but [the story] brings the subject to life! It is like fantasy for math."

Bestselling Author

Marco the Great is unlike any series you've read before. These aren't textbooks with entertaining tidbits, or magical tales with elements of math weaved in. Instead, each book is a fantastical journey that is both fun to read and covers a full year of amazing mathematical concepts from an interesting and unique perspective. Students love the journey, and work through difficult concepts with the help of colorful analogies and connections to their actual life and experiences. Here, numbers come alive (quite literally), helping students from around the world understand and excel in math, all while having a blast.  

About the Author

SK Bennett

SK Bennett is a mother, a mathematician, an educator, a life-long learner, and a creator. 


The daughter of accountants, as a child she believed she was born with math skills; genetically programmed to have a special relationship with numbers. It was no surprise when she filled in the words “math teacher” under the heading 'What I want to be when I grow up' in her 3rd grade yearbook. 


Not only did she have a knack for numbers, she found she was quite good at explaining mathematical ideas to her peers. Awarded a commendation from her high school for the positive impact she had on her classmates in her 8th grade geometry class, SK Bennett continued tutoring and then teaching mathematics at some of the best institutions in the country. She won multiple student awards for kindness and effectiveness as well as for excellence in teaching.


Collaborating with institutions like Johns Hopkins University, SK Bennett used her math and teaching knowledge to create engaging online courses that became an instant hit with students. However, she found that tackling the issues in the educational system was an uphill battle. As a manager and mentor to over 50 teachers, she saw how much rote practice and teaching to the test was deeply ingrained into not only the school system, but teacher pay and student viewpoints. With a strong belief that learning should be fun, explorative, and never based on memorization and copying – but rather understanding, she finally had the chance to bring her many passions together and the result was Marco the Great


First published in a book of poetry, SK Bennett has always loved literature. Her home boasts floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled with the many adventures she has taken either alone, or with her children. Inspired by Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House series, SK Bennett had the idea to write a series of novels that does to math what Osborne has created for history. It took the stars aligning for the series to finally begin to take shape. Now, she can’t wait to see where Marco’s world takes us!


SK Bennett has earned undergraduate degrees and a graduate certificate in mathematics as well a graduate degree in education with a focus on 21st century learning and educational technology. She resides with her husband and their five children, a cat named Milo, a bunny named Sammy, Red Fish Blue Fish, and Cheddar the snail. She has been a home school educator for over 14 years.  


She hopes that Marco the Great will inspire all students and make them feel like powerful mathematicians. Her experience has taught her that there is no such thing as a 'math kid' and that all any student needs to succeed in math is someone to believe in them, and a great teacher. 

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Marco the Great is much more than a series of novels. Jump directly into the pages, perfect your skills, and forge your own journey with The Kryptografima

Our online experience allows students to level-up their learning as they embark on quests, complete missions, collect items, earn XP, and snag beautiful badges for their accomplishments. 

With over 100 digital games, bring math to life in this revolutionary program!

Ready to start your adventure?

Grab your copy and jump into the pages with a mathematical learning experience like never before!

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Marco the Great and the Mystery of Phaseville
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