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What is MathBait™?

It all begins with a story

MathBait is a revolutionary new program deeply based in cognitive science and 21st century learning to help your students not only succeed, but fall in love with numbers in the process. 

It all begins with a story. We have replaced the traditional textbook with a fun and fantastical novel that is anything but dry. As students read, they are introduced to the standard middle-school content in an interesting and relatable way. Through the use of analogies, students build instant connections - through relations to prior knowledge and experience. 

Learning science tells us that knowledge creation relies on connecting to schemas. The problem? Every student is unique, they come to us with different levels of understanding and thus building on these is a constant challenge of differentiation. Not with MathBait! We have 7 year old students, with little to absolutely no prerequisite knowledge to build on, yet they are excelling with Prealgebra topics! How is that possible? Our presentation of materials focuses on imagination and a student's ability to connect the concepts to anything and everything around them. If they love Minecraft, we build on blocks. If they are obsessed with LEGO, we build on bricks. MathBait encourages imagination, making learning both fun and overly accessible. 

Storytelling is a powerful way to learn. It can reduce mathematics anxiety and help make sense of complex topics. Bring this amazing experience to your classroom today!

What are the prerequisites?

Our story's first installment, Marco the Great and the History of Numberville, is aligned to the traditional 6th grade curriculum. However, we start, very literally, "at the beginning" as we help students to develop a totally new perspective on numbers. Throughout the novel students are introduced to concepts with the assumption of little to no previous knowledge. 

The mythology of Numberville begins with the creation of numbers. Readers are brought into the world of the digits, number sets, and basic operations from a new approach. They gain a high-level understanding of numbers disguised as a lively world with neighbors, a sports team, duels, and villains. 

Why is it popular with advanced learners?

With our new perspective, advanced students find so much joy in making new connections they had never before considered. 

Plus, Marco the Great introduces ideas not often seen until college in fun and relatable ways. Readers, no matter their level, will learn something new and build their mathematical confidence and understanding all while having a blast!

What is the digital content?

Just as many wanted to explore Wonderland after reading of Alice's adventures, students will be excited to step into Marco's world. The only difference, they can!

With The Kryptografima students can explore this magical universe as they go undercover into a secret society and learn to master their ways. Our gamification is combined with real world topics allowing students to come to understand that as magical as Marco's world may seem, our own world is in fact deeply reliant on, and controlled by, numbers. 

We offer three amazing ways to bring MathBait™ to your classroom and improve learning, ramp up engagement, and get your students excited about learning math. 

Marco the Great and the History of Numberville is implemented in classrooms across the United States! 

The text is a versatile tool that can fit easily into many different curricular and learning models. It is an excellent choice for both remedial and advanced classrooms and everything in between.


Turn class time into story time as students read together or independently, then discuss the selection in small or whole group sessions. 

There will be laughter, lots of "aha" moments and a joy of learning that is so needed in today's classrooms.


Plus, MTG is cross-curricular! Atoms, Genetics, WWII, Feudalism, Literary Studies, and more are all possible and natural extensions with the content covered in text. 

Book + Digital

Amp up learning by giving your students access to The Kryptografima

This virtual learning environment pulls readers into the pages as they master their skills alongside Marco. 

Teachers gain valuable insight and data on student progress while freeing up their time for advanced differentiation and attending to student needs. 

MathBait™ uses a flexible LMS making integration and customization easy.

Book + Live

Want even more? Kryptografima Live provides all the amazing features of the book and the digital world with an added ability to monitor students in real time.

As your students accept a mission, teachers can watch as learners make choices live to provide just-in-time learning opportunities, or spark an all class discussion. 

Students can compete for high scores, and lesson stats are saved if classes want to revisit the game or teachers want to later review student work and performance.

Bring MathBait™ to your classroom today!

Marco the Great and the History of Numberville is available for extended distribution though Amazon making discounted bulk school and library purchases a breeze!

Contact us for more information or to schedule a demo of our virtual classroom and teacher tools. We offer various customization options ensuring MathBait can fit seamlessly into your classroom!

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With COVID-19 we saw a drastic decline in student engagement and performance. Students are farther behind than ever, and worse, many have become disinterested in learning. You can turn that around through a MathBait partnership.

Give your students something to be excited about. Gift them with the joy of learning. Our product will help your students get back on track and love every minute of it. Contact us to get started transforming your district. 

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