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Our digital world allows endless student exploration and fun! Within their missions students encounter various games that stimulate deep learning through problem-solving and exploration. 

Explore some sample activities to give you a taste of the many different ways we use gamification to bring math alive. 

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The Pythagorean Theorem

Most of us have memorized the Pythagorean theorem, yet few actually understand why it works. We designed two visuals to help students see the theorem in action! 

  • 100% Visual representation, no algebra needed!

  • Visual representation along with algebraic justifications.

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Problem Solving

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Knowing how to reason and work through challenging problems is a must have for a 21st century student. In the activities below, students practice their problem solving skills using codes in different ways. 

  • In Hidden Treasure, students use their knowledge and skills to unlock 5 safes for a prize.

  • In Lockpicks, students develop problem-solving strategies to deduce a passcode.

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Prime Numbers
Close up of piano keys Image by Amir Doreh

Prime Numbers

Not only have prime numbers fascinated mathematicians for centuries, they are incredibly useful in everyday math. Knowing how to rip a number apart into primes can help in factoring, working with fractions, finding the LCM and GCF, and so much more. Knowing the Enemy, a course in The Kryptografima, works with primes in great detail. Here are two interesting insights from the course. First, a game and second a beautiful sieve, helping to determine which numbers are prime and which are composite.

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Arcade & Time Games

Image by Nik Korba

Some of the most memorable games are simple, with only a deck of cards, a pair of dice, or a timer. We love bringing in classical game elements and have watched kiddos grin from ear to ear as they beat each level and advance - all while learning mathematics! 

  • In Pointers, students practice their coordinate skills by attempting to find the tricky Broc. Students can play with a mouse or arcade style using arrow keys. 

  • Angles is a fast-paced game that allows younger students to practice identifying different types of angles. 

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