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Ditch the boring textbooks! We have completely reimagined what math education can be. What if learning was an adventure? A story that sparks your curiosity, increases comprehension and enjoyment. 

At MathBait®, we use storytelling as a catalyst into the beautiful world of mathematics and we'd love for you to join us on this incredible ride. 

Marco the Great is a multi-award winning series written by a top educator in the field of mathematics. It is designed to build a deep conceptual understanding, increase confidence, and spark a life-long joy of learning. 

Each book is carefully crafted, expertly weaving in story elements with mathematical ideas. Engaging and relatable characters, laugh out loud moments, and life lessons are just some of things readers will love as they dive into its pages. 

Start your adventure today and turn math into a fantastical world ripe for exploration.  


Research backed

Award Winning

Confidence Building


Loved by Students

Marco the Great and the History of Numberville

The History of Numberville

Where it all began. Jump into this multi-award winning novel and master Prealgebra through joy and exploration. The History of Numberville covers major topics in 6-8th grade math helping students to cement a strong foundation for Algebra. Building both number sense and problem solving skills, readers will be exposed to concepts such as: Order of Operations, Variables, Expressions and Equations, Prime Factorization, and Solving Algebraic Equations. With relatable characters, easier to understand analogies, and a exciting storyline, learning has never been this fun! 

Best Children's Educational

$14.99 USD + shipping/handling

Marco the Great and the Mystery of Phaseville

The Mystery of Phaseville

The out-of-this-world sequel will have readers more engaged than ever in Algebra! While we recommend beginning with NumbervilleThe Mystery of Phaseville is a stand alone exploration of: Functions, Relations, the Cartesian Plane, Graphing, Polynomials, and so much more. Completing a full year of Algebra and introducing readers to topics in Algebra 2 and college-level Abstract Algebra, this is a must have for any high school student. Topics are presented with easier to understand stories, analogies, and games. Plus, readers can solve their own mystery as they unlock clues and practice their skills with over 300 practice problems. Includes access to 5 digital pages with games, explanations, and interactive activities helping readers to develop a strong understanding. 

New Release!

$14.99 USD + shipping/handling

MathBait® Decoding Bookmark

Decoding Bookmark

The Mystery of Phaseville is much more than a book. It contains two secrets readers can unlock by practicing their skills. Snag this special Decoding Bookmark to help you on your journey!

For more information on the secrets of Phaseville visit

$2.00 USD 

The Bundle

Set out from the beginning to experience Marco, Maggie, and their friends' amazing journey through mathematics. Strengthen your mathematical thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving skills while learning the key foundational topics in Prealgebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II in this fantastical adventure series. Concepts are presented through fun stories, easier to understand analogies, and a gripping tale that has readers ready to ditch textbooks forever and say hello to a new and better way to learn. Help your students develop a love of numbers to last a lifetime with Marco the Great!

Marco the Great and the History of Numberville
Marco the Great and the Mystery of Phaseville

Best Deal!

$26.99 USD + shipping/handling

The Kryptografima by MathBait  Logo

The Kryptografima

No one learned magic from a spell book. To truly become a masterful wizard we must practice; levitate small items working up to something big. Math magic is no different. Compliment Marco the Great by enrolling in The Kryptografima. This is a digital platform like none other. Players complete missions, collecting items and earning XP to master their skills, dive into the book and become a part of Marco's world, and learn through play with over 100 unique and entertaining digital games. Complete with a full parent portal, detailed feedback, comprehensive mission information and instruction, and more added daily, The Kryptografima is a full packaged curriculum created by award-winning educators and experienced instructional designers to ensure students not only strengthen and perfect their skills and understanding, but also have a blast in the process. 

$8 for 6 months of unlimited access

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