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MathBait™ Multiplication


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Master multiplication and factoring in this fast-paced digital game. Use balls to pop a centipede segment, the more you use, the higher your score! Maximize your multiplier and build strong multiplication skills while having a blast!


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Our digital game allows students to play with the idea of writing products with more than two factors. Notice in both this game and An Ode, we are working on multiplication backwards. Rather than giving an expression such as 3×4, we provide the product and allow students to build the expression. This builds multi-directional fluency and will greatly support students as they encounter fractions as well as in higher levels such as Algebra.

In this game, a centipede is making its way down the screen. Players can pop the first segment by directing lasers to create an expression that equals the value shown. On the right of the screen students will see the maximum multiplier as well as their current expression. The more values students shoot, the higher their score. For instance, if the current segment is 16, students can earn a multiplier of 2 with 4×4, a multiplier of 3 with 2×2×4, or a maximum multiplier of 4 with 2×2×2×2. Note, the order of factors does not matter.

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