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MathBait™ Multiplication

Prime Pop

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How good are you at identifying prime numbers? In this fun digital activity, players pop the primes for unpredictable bonus points and achievements.


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Digital Game

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Primes & Factoring







The final activity of this lesson gives students the chance to practice identifying prime numbers. Not only is this directly strengthening their recognition, it is also further developing their multiplication skills as students focus on multiples. They should recognize two is the only even prime (as all other even numbers can be built with twos), any number with a zero or a five in the one's place cannot be prime, and use their multiplication knowledge to try to eliminate composite values.

As students play, numbers will fall from the top of the screen, the goal is to select only primes. It is not expected students will "catch" every prime. We will see repeated values as well as some very tricky values (91 isn't prime!) so encourage students to grab anything they think is prime. At the conclusion of the game they can win additional points which will change each time they play. The goal is to practice and aim for a high score! Every new game will be a new adventure.


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