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The Skip Counting Table

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Ready for a confidence booster? This activity is designed for young students with no experience multiplying. Using the traditional multiplication table and their skip counting skills, they will be amazed how many products they can determine before even knowing what a product is!


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We often see classrooms focus on filling out a multiplication table daily. Unfortunately, this does not directly support fluency. As we will see, students can nearly complete a multiplication table knowing only how to skip count by 2's, 3's, and 5's. This demonstrates how students can complete a table yet not have any understanding of multiplication nor be able to quickly or easily recall that 5×6=30. In addition, how the table is presented can cause anxiety and even a dislike of math.

Our goal is to introduce the table without any expectations and in celebration of how much a student already knows from their skip counting alone. The goal is not to "learn" or "memorize" the table. Instead, by introducing the table when a student knows only how to skip count by 2, 3, and 5, provides a positive view of the multiplication table and a confidence booster as students are impressed with the skills they have developed.

Point to the 1 in the top row and explain the first row is counting by 1's. Have your student fill out the first row. Next point to the 1 in the first column and fill this out too. Continue for 2's, 3's, and 5's. Don't worry about things like 3×5=15 or how to use the table, just work on building confidence and progress. Celebrate how much of the table they can fill out with their knowledge of skip counting.

Multiplication table filled out for 1, 2, 3, and 5

After students have completed The Whisper Game (Part 2) and Skip Count Pop, return to the table and allow them to add their new knowledge by filling in rows and columns for 4, 6, 8, 9, and 10. In our activity Counting by 7's, students will complete their table.

Skip Counting Table

In need of a table? We got you! Download and print the table below.

Download PDF • 103KB

We are not huge proponents of the multiplication table. That being said, your students will likely encounter it in their classes. By working on the table early, without any pressure or expectations, we are helping to build a positive view around multiplication. In addition, when your student can skip count by 2's, 3's, and 5's, they will be impressed with how much they can already fill out. This is a win to celebrate! This builds confidence and enjoyment of the subject.

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