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MathBait™ Multiplication

The Whisper Game

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Build a strong foundation for multiplication with skip counting! The Whisper Game is a great warm up activity to provide students practice with graduated levels of difficulty building fluency and confidence.


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In this activity, students count by whispering the in-between numbers and shouting the target numbers we are counting by. Using rhythm can also be beneficial. Have students softly tap their legs on the in-between numbers while clapping and yelling out the others.

Girl counting by 2's

Begin with 2's. Students whisper (and tap) the number 1, then loudly call out (and clap) 2. Continue in this manner up to a number they are comfortable with, ultimately trying to get up to at least 50.

Next, increase the difficulty by encouraging students to make their whispers quieter and quieter until they are comfortable counting by 2's without the in-between values.

Continue to play with 3's (whisper 1 and 2, call out 3) and then 5's. Once students have the hang of The Whisper Game, continue to encourage grouping and alternative counting patterns. The goal is to enjoy finding patterns and exploring new abilities within their existing knowledge. When students feel like "I know this already", it is a great confidence booster and fosters a love of learning.

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