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MathBait™ Multiplication

Factor Climb

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In this interactive game, students practice factoring in a safe and engaging space as they attempt to identify enough factors to help the mountain climber descend the mountain.


Resource Type

Digital Game

Primary Topic

Primes & Factoring







Let's build fluency! In Factor Climb, students help a mountain climber by determining how many factors the given number has; too many and our climber will overshoot the mountain.

Once students are satisfied with the number of factors, they build a ladder to help the mountain climber descend.

Students can be successful without identifying all the factors. The goal of this game is to simply practice and gain exposure. A full list of factors is given at the end of each round, allowing students to view any factors they missed. As students gain more exposure to factoring, they can replay Factor Climb earning a higher score each time!


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