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MathBait™ Multiplication

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A quick warm up perfect for getting students thinking about multiplying, students attempt to find values in a sea of numbers.


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This warm up is designed to prepare students for Multiplication BINGO.

To get students ready to multiply, write out a few numbers from the multiplication table on a board where everyone can see (for example 24, 36, 48, 56, and 72). Provide students with a multiplication expression that matches a number on the board (like 8×3). When students have found the product, instruct them to put their thumb up. Have a student share their solution and strategy before moving on to the next.

An alternative method of play is to provide students with a similar matching activity individually to reduce time pressure. The general goal is simply to get students thinking about multiplication in preparation for the activity. Ideally, students will have started to move away from skip counting at this time. Although, skip counting is still an excellent tool for tricky values. For instance, if they are unsure what 8×6 is, they can notice that 8×5=40 and they need one more 8 to find 48. If students are still heavily learning on skip counting at this time, we recommend spiraling through the previous activities (including the skip counting activities in MathBait™ Multiplication Part 1) to build more comfort before proceeding forward. It is not necessary for students to know all their products or be able to quickly recall them at this time.

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