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MathBait™ Multiplication

Table Mash Up

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A fun and interesting approach to the multiplication table. In this game, students use patterns and problem solving to complete a table that is all mixed up!


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In this digital game, students will practice with a mixed up multiplication table. They will have the chance to directly practice their facts, utilize their problem-solving skills, and continue to hunt for number relationships.

Game play includes 4 levels. Level 0 has no timer. This can lower pressure and is a great place to start. However, with no timer, students must complete the full table which can be time consuming. Levels 1-3 include timers. Students have until the timer runs out to fill out their table.

This is not a traditional timer game or timed test! 

The purpose of the timer is a gamification element. It adds an urgency which helps students to strengthen their connections and also can result in positive feelings of accomplishment. However, the goal of the timer is not to cause pressure. Reiterate to students they do not need to complete the table before time runs out. Instead, do their best and try to beat their own high score. Teachers may wish to play first as a demonstration and might find it difficult to complete the table with the timer themselves!

After selecting a level, players will pick 10 cells to unveil. Discuss strategies with students. There can be luck involved, but we can also pick cells that will better help us to decode the grid. Remind students of their Missing Numbers activity previously and the strategies they found helpful.

Next, students will see a drop down for each row and column header. They will update these with a number from 1-10. Each number only appears once across the columns and once across the rows, just like a standard multiplication table. In this game, however, they are not in order from least to greatest. Students will use the clues from the cells they have revealed to make their best guess. Once they have selected each header, the game begins. Note, players can change the headers at anytime in the game. If they find their headers do not work, they can update them using the new information they have gained.

If playing on Levels 1-3, every 10 seconds a new cell will be revealed. This will provide vital clues on the value of the headers. Students will select a cell and enter the product. They can check their value (each check costs 5 points) to either ensure their multiplication is correct, or to gain more information about the headers. If students are confident, they can enter their value without checking to maximize their points.

Once the time is up, or the table is filled if playing on Level 0, students will have the chance to check their values. Each play will provide a new mash up!

We recommend students start on Level 0. This gives them the chance to understand the game and practice. As they feel more comfortable, challenge them with additional levels. Our games in MathBait™ Multiplication are designed to be played many times. As students continue with the games and build stronger fluency, they will be able to return to Table Mash Up and achieve more and more success.

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